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START DATE:   28th October 2023

END DATE:   6th November 2023


Alert to all you talented 2D and 3D Animators, especially the fresh faces and those hunting to showcase there passion!

Let's celebrate Animation Day by getting back to the basics with a super cool challenge! We're giving you a chance to work your magic on our logo and inject some personality into it through your animations. And trust us, we're not looking for anything too serious! 😄

The challenge starts 28th October 2023!

Deadline for submissions: 6th November, 2023

Use the downloadable resources to start animating. You can also completely draw the animation frame by frame as well. For 3D animation, the rig is compatible with Maya only.

For 2D, you can use any tool for the animation. 

Upload only the video preview of the animation.

 Your animation should be between 5 to 10 seconds of pure awesomeness!

 Just so you know, our C-level executives will be keeping a close eye on your work! 👀

 The winners will not only get a chance to collaborate and work with us but also receive custom designed trophies

 Don't waste any time – register now and show us your animation skills! 

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