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Coffee break with Rohit Konjengbam.

Updated: Jun 29, 2022


His dearest people call him Lamphel. At work, we refer to him as PCG's Harry Potter. He enjoys Biryani with cool drinks. Above all, he is a firm believer in art. Rohit Konjengbam joined PCG as a 2D artist and never failed to amaze us with his innovative artworks. Here's a little coffee break chat with Rohit Konjengbam.

1. You are the first employee who is first featured on the website. How do you feel?

As it is my first time getting featured or giving an interview, I am nervous and excited at the same time. I am trying to calm myself down and let us see how this goes.

2. Everyone will have a statement or a particular line that they follow or believe in. What is that of yours?

I believe in enjoying each process or step I take. Because if you do not enjoy what you are doing then nothing will go smoothly as per the plan. So, I believe in enjoying things I do. It gives me a lot of energy and I get pumped up.

3. When was the last time you cried watching a movie?

I do not remember the movie’s name, but I was a kid at that time. There is an actor named Jeetendra, he played a double role in the movie. I exactly do not know why I cried but yes, I did maybe because of the movie story. I will search for the movie and share it.

He plays a poor person role in the movie is all want I remember and then he becomes rich. He has a son who will not understand the value of hard work and the movie revolves around the father who tries to change his son. It was a good movie. (After a 1hr of search). It is the song that made me cry and the movie's name was Pyaasa Sawan.

4. Three sentences that you use to describe your work?

Let us go together

Let us move forward

Let us rock and roll

It is a random thing that came to my mind 😛

5. What is the spiciest food you ever tasted?

We have something called 2x spicy noodles. That was the spiciest food I ate. It is available on Amazon you can try it.

6. What is your favorite drink?

My favorite drink depends on the situation. If it is a family party, I stick to normal juice. Coming to reality when I party with my friends, I would prefer to have Beer.

7. What are your mandatory inclusions for a party?

Only beer: p if anyone has any idea then I will be ready to enjoy. There are no compulsory inclusions for me, any random idea will work.

8. What was the craziest thing you have done during the lockdown?

I would say for me everything is crazy. I would love to do crazy things with my family. Initially, it was boring for me to stay alone doing nothing during the lockdown. Then I started becoming crazy if I start getting bored, I use to sing songs very loud that my mother use to shout at me saying what happened are you mad.

9. How has your journey been so far, as an artist?

I have loved art since my childhood. My parents always accepted me and supported me when I told them I wanted to set my career in this field. But few of them were like they believed in becoming either a doctor or an engineer. But I did not give up, I always wanted to do what I liked. So, when anyone questions me about what I do with art I simply use it to explain how far I can go with it. That is the way I convinced a few. There was also a time when I thought I could not do much with art, I thought of doing something else. But when I joined the university to do my master's, I realized that there is so much I can do. A lot of my friends also helped me with the options that I can explore in this field. Still, I am exploring this field and I will not stop, I will keep going.

10. When did you meet your first girlfriend?

It was when I was in my, 9th grade. I was too young. I was like everyone has a girlfriend so, even I wanted to have one.

11. Tell us a few tips that you want to give to new joiners?

  • Firstly, enjoy each process, that is how I usually start my day enjoying everything will make us feel happy.

  • Next, you must calm yourself and must stay focused, no matter how the situation is we need to stay focused.

12. When it comes to professionalism what is the one thing you like about yourself that makes you stand out?

Like I said, how I start my day makes things easier for me. Firstly, I do not take things too seriously. I just check what are the tasks I must do that day, I will have my breakfast put on my headsets, listen to nice music and kick start my work. For some people, if they are working on a new project, they want to completely focus on that and need complete silence but for me, without music, I cannot start my day.

13. What is the songs that inspire you?

This is the song that I always listen to. It is on my top list. (593) Avicii - The Nights - YouTube

14. What is the one skill you always wanted to learn as an artist?

I do not have one, I have so many skills that I want to learn. As an artist, we must guide so many young artists. How to guide them as well as learn from them is one of the things I can say.

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