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Game art and Its Influence

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Preface When I got the opportunity to work on the blog "Game art and Its Influence" I was so excited, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. As a blogger, I rolled up my sleeves and started doing deep research for a good couple of weeks. I read blogs, did a few case studies, and found some research materials. But eventually, I felt my experience as a gamer could be enthralling.

I am not a gaming person. However, suppose I am bored; I do YouTube surfing; I will install a game; if I come across a good game advertisement that catches my attention. I still remember my first game, Mario. Chapter 1 – The Game I Loved

Mario was my first game. I was in grade 2 when I played the game with my siblings on Play Station. All our friends and the kids in the neighbourhood would come over to my place to play it. We found this game very fascinating because it had a beautiful love story, Mario and Princess Peach. I used to have a crazy fight with the beast to reach Peach and see how the story unfolds. However, I never reached the pinnacle. :P.

As children, we get confused. To be precise, I'm a bit muddle-headed, but the game was very clear to me. The most exciting part was the sudden pop-up of the polka-dotted mushroom while collecting coins, cute little snails with their killer looks, the stars which made Mario invisible, the destination flag which brought a smile to every player's face was my favourite part of the game.

Apart from the gameplay, it was the background music, Oh my god! Do you remember how it sounded... Tintin- Tintin- Tintin tintitintin. "Oh yeah! It's break time, It's Mario time!"

I played the game then and now, a lot of differences, yet the Mario character is the same. So, I texted my friend asking her, do you remember this character?

Prompt came the reply, yes, Mario. The long moustaches and the funky red cap on his head with the letter M still make Mario recognizable. This game is everyone's childhood ideal game, stood out in the ‘90s till the ‘20s. As a Mario fan, I would like to credit the gameplay, character designs, colours, and the background music. Coming back to my story and when it came to my turn to save Princess Peach, I had a broken PlayStation and a missed-out turn.

Chapter 2 – Anger Management for Birds After Mario, I played many more games, but the next game that struck me was Angry Birds (Pun intended).

I was introduced to this game via an ad while watching one of those YouTube recommendations. The first glimpse of this game encapsulated my interest and drew me towards it.

I think this game was released during my college days, as I remember those sleepless nights and missing those morning lectures for those compelling and minimalistic graphics, art style, visuals, and vibe. The designers seem to do a good job with those primary colors as they kept me glued to the game.

Irrespective of the storyline, the chemistry between the Green Pigs with evils grins and those fantastically sounding birds was engaging. The ploy to steal the eggs by the former and to retrieve them, by the latter created enough excitement to keep the game going. The birds had to be launched into the air through a catapult to strike pigs off their pedestals.

At some point in time, I felt the monotonous gameplay, with not many varied challenges, and the same mundane tasks are the reason that I lost interest in this game. When I look back and think, “A Single Advertisement Made It Possible”. Thank YouTube.

Chapter 3 – AAA Look at my destiny! I’m now a gamer, working for a gaming company whose priority is to make superior quality games with spectacular art styles. My actual gaming career has started now. In the initial stages of my career, I used to see these people playing a lot of games with weird glasses around their eyes- the 3d glasses :P.

So, one day they called me to play a game called “ABZU” and in 3D. I just want to say. Wow! what a game!! I played it for hours on end and skipped my work. The graphics, art, sounds & music, and the satisfaction of going underwater had blown my mind. To be short, I could say, I lived the moment virtually. Finally, I fulfilled my dream of scuba diving. The school of sardines, the giant whales, and the bubbling sound underwater made my day. I am yet to finish this game to the end. The environments are stunning and teleport you into this unexplored world. I joyfully recommend playing and feeling the essence of this game.

The never-ending conclusion of playing games:

Following ABZU, I played so many different games with assorted styles yet unique from each other. All have different stories, gameplays, varied challenges, and stunning visuals. The customized artwork, beautiful character design works, the gorgeous backgrounds will always decide the numbers turning up to play your theme. I always believe that the way we present a game, visuals should always be considered while designing a game. Game Art should be a high priority while developing a game. It definitely paves the path to the game’s stardom.

The Technology & the psychology of art is changing our perception of gaming, making us emotionally connect to these beautiful masterpieces. Gaming has now become more of a passion, than passing time for me. I shall prescribe this intoxicating experience to all.

To conclude, games may or may not have a remarkable story (but good to have one), but they should definitely have some incredible media to entice players. Poster credits: EpciJohncy /

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