The PawFects

Which section of the daily newspaper do you read first – Local News? Sports? Advertising? comics? If the comics strip is your favourite part, you will enjoy this blog.

"The Pawfects" are a series of comic strips based on our fantastic & favourite dogs at PCG. They are Pablo, Zara, Denzy, and Sherlock. Let me introduce you to them briefly.

Pablo (aka Pablo Picasso Escobar) is the Eldest of all, with a pawfect round tail. He is most often called the ring tailed pie. He is a big sulker when ignored. Chicken and car rides are two of his favourites. He is either an artist or a con-artist. #fastandfurious

Zara is a lady, with a pawfect fallow colored, soft and mushy skin. She is known to be extremely friendly, thus making friends as they come and family as they feed her. She loves food and hates sharing it. #foodtester of PCG.

Denzy had applied voluntarily at PCG. She is a calm soul on the surface and a crazy one inside, when on the roads. She keeps scaring the **** out of the bike riders and passing cars by chasing them. She has found solace at PCG and food as well. #pawfectchaser

Sherlock (Mr. Holmes) is the tiniest entry to the lot, with pawfect ears and a constant spotlight from everyone. He does have the most mysterious case of all to solve... his missing tail. #attentionseeker

Comic 1: Pawfect Tails Dogs love chasing their own tails, albeit a bit difficult to achieve. So, Mr. Pablo has taken the initiative to train his fellow mates on this noble quest. But this quest seems to be more daunting to one, than all... Sherlock!

Comic 2: Beware of dogs Beware of docs

Anyone who had to take a dog to the vet knows the drama that unfolds. It all starts as an exciting adventure drive and then the panic sets in as they are close by. This is a typical scenario when the cautionary signs can be swapped with relevance.

Comic 3: Moment of truth

"Flap Flap Flap! How do I know if the French bulldog is happy?"

"It has a happy wiggling bottom than a wagging tail."

The moment when the bird realizes it’s not a worm, it’s the storm.

Comic 4: Pawfect Picture

They snore, they drool, they are hairy, and are better at profile pictures than you and me. No, we’re not talking about our ex's — we’re talking about these pawfect profile pictures #winkedin #facebow #Fitter #Pinder (I wonder if you will swipe right)

Hope you liked our first edition of the comic strips. There are so many more to come. So do subscribe to this page, to get regular updates.

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